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Growing up, we loved computer games and comics, which turned into having long-drawn-out conversations among us. As we hit our teens, those conversations also included our favorite anime, TV shows, and books. We decided about four years ago to unite those interests into a Youtube channel.


We wanted to create a healthy space for those who love the geek-verse, in this space where different opinions about geek life can thrive. Regardless of how we look, what binds us together is our love of all things geek.

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Geek Girl Mika

What's up everybody,

It's Mika. I am a lover of everything gaming, music, movies, and TV shows. I will watch anything with a good plot. I am passionate about ASMR, and I am not afraid to speak my mind on geeky topics. Some of my favorite anime is Haikyuu, Food Wars, and ReLife, and one of my favorite shows is Teen Wolf. I'm always open to new anime or TV suggestions. Let's connect!

Welcome to Two Geek Girls!

Mika aka Geek Girl Mika

Geek Girl Nika

Welcome to Two Geek Girls, your one-stop-shop for genuine opinions about the happenings in the geek world. My name is Nika; I am excited to share my silliness and love for geek culture. You'll find that I typically post reviews of anime, anime-related discussions, and random geek news. I consider myself a gamer, so there will be posts regarding games. I love learning about new anime, games, TV shows to enjoy. My guilty pleasure is watching crime or suspense Korean drama, so don't be surprised if several reviews pop up on the blog. Let's geek out together! Embrace your geeky side and join the conversation. We can't wait to hear from you!

Nika aka Geek Girl Nika